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Poltergeist Corner – Is it a Poltergeist or Worse?

Poltergeist Corner – Is it a Poltergeist or Worse?

Hi – Janet here, owner of Shepherdstown Mystery Walks. Think on this for a moment: In the words of the tour’s founder, the infamous Dana Mitchell… A ghost story is something you’re told – but a mystery is something to be experienced!
On a Shepherdstown Mystery Walk, you will experience mysteries, ghosts and history. And…you will hear about Poltergeist Corner. Then you will experience it! What exactly is a Poltergeist? The word poltergeist is German for “noisy ghost” and they are often portrayed as being like supernatural toddlers, smashing up your house in a fit of petulance. Per Merriam Webster, a Poltergeist is a noisy usually mischievous ghost held to be responsible for unexplained noises (such as rappings). Per Cambridge Dictionary, a Poltergeist is a spirit or force that moves furniture and throws objects around in an area. A ghost throwing a temper tantrum? Yes, that is also a great way to explain what a Poltergiest is.

Poltergiests are thought to never to have been alive; perhaps even, thought to be demons conjured up by very dark entities. Poltergiests are deeply feared, even by seasoned ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts. Be sure of one thing – Poltergiests are scary! And, we have a Poltergiest Corner in Shepherdstown, where you will hear about numerous extraordinarily frightening encounters had by folks passing through town, and also, encounters had by tourgoers.
Poltergeists almost always have a pattern. They start with noises or sounds and then after the noises, the next stage is almost always objects moving, as if the poltergeist wants to up the stakes and really show what it can do. Well, on the tour, we have experienced a lot of noises and a lot of voices. Have we moved onto the next step of the Poltergeist??????
A couple of reports have come in from our February and April ghost tour already this year. For those who have been on the Shepherdstown Mystery Walk tour, you may remember the story of Poltergeist Corner and all the numerous curious experiences had there over the past 200 years. On this year’s tours where folks experience things when standing at the site, these tourgoers were touched and two folks heard a woman speaking quietly. February was an especially active month with an actual sighting of The Man In Black, a known Poltergiest who is very often seen at Poltergeist Corner. The cool thing here is, he was captured in an excellent photo in Olde English Cemetery this night in February. This means he followed the tour group from Poltergeist Corner to Olde English (a short walk, for us humans!). It was a crazy night, for sure. Everyone on the tour experienced something.
Where did The Man In Black come from is another question I am often asked. Did he come from one of our degraded crypts perhaps? Want to see the picture capture of The Man In Black in Olde English? Book a tour and you will see it!

Was he conjured by someone who wrongfully lost their life in Shepherdstown? Who knows? All we can do is experience this phenomenon. Be sure to join me on a Shepherdstown Mystery Walk and perhaps you, too, will experience Poltergeist activity…or even see The Man In Black!
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